When People Get Judgemental

How about socialization? is the frequently asked question we faced as homeschooling parents. Our initial days were crazy. It was like the whole world is watching you close that you cannot afford to do a parenting mistake anywhere. Your child will be judged, tested by anyone at any time. If she missed greeting any elders that cross her on the road, where you would hear whispers, “See, how mannerless the kid is. It’s because she isn’t going to school”. Their judgemental eyes didn’t stop there, we understood.

At times, in family get-togethers, parties, and family events, when other parents discuss homeschooling life with us, they wanted to conduct a mini-examination session to check if my daughter knows anything better than other regular schoolers.

How did my kids react?

Somedays my kids answer everyone’s questions, and somedays they give a long stare at us saying indirectly that they are tired of everything. They feel weird when they are treated differently from other kids. My elder one learned a few hacks slowly by herself. Smile at everyone, greet them loud until they respond, go away from the place before they show interest in you. Sometimes with some people, she liked to stay back and initiate a conversation and to my surprise, she made friends with them effortlessly regardless of the age difference. She has made friends with people of all age group. Her topic of conversation or discussion differs from person to person. She chooses topics wisely, discreetly.

My elder daughter once said, “I felt special being different, Mommy.” Her words surprised me. I asked her how was that? She explained a simple situation she encountered and how did she manage to solve it. Her friends while going in an elevator forced her to do something inappropriate which she didn’t like to oblige. They kind of imposed it on her with a condition if or not she wanted her to be their friend anymore. She politely refused to do something she didn’t like to do. She walked out of the place saying that they could call her when they need her.

She recalled the day in details. She came back home a bit upset. I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t question her moodiness. She went straight to her room, did some drawing and doodling for some time. She recollected that drawing has always been her escapade to ease her from stress.

My daughter Taught me a Lesson

What a day it was! What an eyeopening conversation I had with my daughter! We are on the right track after all. My kids are doing pretty good. Their clarity is amazing. They are not home-birds as they call them. The outdoor activities, community interactions, field trips, nature walks, DIY times, and many other activities we did not as a part of any curriculum, but as life lessons did make a difference in their growing up. They grow up without losing their childhood at the same time with great morals of life. She walked off from her friends when they were wrong — which I failed to do in my childhood. I pretended to be a part of it when my friends threatened me of unfriending me if I didn’t do what they wanted me to. I wish I could time travel to change everything I did wrong.

If people get judgemental…

Don’t give a damn. Your confidence intimidates them. Your clarity confuses them. Your freedom is envied upon. Their judgemental behaviour solidifies their ignorance. If you are sure about what you are doing, just do it, so you don’t have to regret it for not doing it. — Kiddy

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